Friday 25 April 2014

Tedious Titans

One of the questions Suber asked as part of my Liebster award was what part of the hobby do I like the least (I may have para-phrased that). At the time my answer was going to be GWs aggressive pricing policy and hard sale tactics; but I've reconsidered....

I've found something even worse; something that prolonged exposure to will drive you mad...what is this horror? You ask....

I'll tell you; I have found the most tedious activity in the entirety of the hobby....trying to neatly black out the carapace trim on the armour of six 1980s Titans. It is horrendously dull; and the slightest tremble of the hand leads to hours of repair work being required (especially if this mistake occurs near any areas of yellow chevroning). This task is made even worse when blood starts trickling down your fingers from an open wound in your hand (see previous post for explanation).

Anyway I have done it at last and now my Titans are now one small step closer to destroying Chicos; Thantsants and Bugs forces at Old Hammer day ;-) ( just kidding lads!)

The Reaver was particularly hard to do with it's elaborate fleur-de-lys armour trim, the language that was emanating from my work station would have made a Commisar baulk! 

I'll update you with any further progress as it takes place!!



  1. Don't worry, the results are worth of the effort! However, consecrating them with your own spilled blood may result on unexpected Khornate consequences, beware...

  2. Many thanks mate! Yeah as my blood mingled with the paint I did feel I could be consecrating the tank to the dark gods!!