Friday, 16 October 2020

Flesh Tearers Infiltrators Complete

Finally I have managed to finish off the last two models in my Flesh Tearers Primaris Infiltrators squad.

I decided to swap out their original heads for a couple of Blood Angels upgrades as well as giving them some Flesh Tearers shoulder pads to reinforce their image as true sons of Sanguinius.

These models were a real joy to paint; the sculpts are so crisp and clean that they make edge highlighting a relatively enjoyable experience. I’m pretty certain I have nailed the palette for the Flesh Tearers now.

Now that I have finished this squad I think I’ll either start work on a squad of Primaris Reivers (to continue the Phobos Armour theme) or possibly resurrect my old 30k Iron Warriors Project!

Stay tuned for more......

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Flesh Tearers Infiltrators

Well with the Incursor squad recently completed for my Flesh Tearers force I thought I would continue the theme and do some more sneaky Primaris marines in the form of an Infiltrator squad!

These models are actually a variant build from the same box set as the Incursors and as such they are also clad in the same Phobos pattern MK X Armour that has been designed for covert operations and stealth work.

Like all the Primaris range these guys are beautiful sculpts and a real joy to paint. I really like the clean lines and realistic look of the models.

Having completed three of the five man squad my next task will be to finish off the remaining two models including the sergeant.

I’ll probably give them a head swap to make them look a little more like the descendants of Sanguinius that they are!!

Stay tuned for updates.....

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Final Two Flesh Tearers Complete!!

So I have managed to finish off the final two Incursors for this squad! This now brings the unit up to full strength where I can get to use it in battles!

I have to say these guys look really cool and I love the aesthetic of the Vanguard Space Marines in general! They look like they actually belong on a battlefield and could do some real damage!

I’m very much enjoying painting my Flesh Tearers at the moment, and I think I’ll probably crack on within a few more Primaris squads for this Force....

Though I also really fancy going back to expand my Horus Heresy Iron Warriors soon! 

Hmmmmmmm... decisions, decisions! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Flesh Tearers Primaris Incursors

So after gradually getting back into the swing of things I have completed three of the new Space Marine Primaris Incursors...

I really like these guys and think they look suitably awesome and relatively realistic... in a sci-fi way!

I have painted them up for my ever growing Flesh Tearers Army where their ‘infiltrate’ ability will allow them to scout ahead of the main force and start harassing my opponent from turn one!

I will complete the squad with another two battle brothers ASAP so that the unit is at full strength!

Overall I am really pleased with how these guys have turned out, especially the computer-gizmo mounted on this chap’s wrist!!

As ever I am impressed with the Primaris aesthetic which made these guys a sheer joy to paint!

Monday, 31 August 2020

Flesh Tearers Space Marine (Smash) Captain

Greetings all!! And apologies to my readers for my extended absence!!!

Unfortunately as many of you know I work for the uniformed services and thanks to COVID the last few months have been ridiculously busy! Therefore sadly hobby time has been minimal!!

However I have had a bit of time recently so I’m trying to push forward with some projects. As such led me present my latest Flesh Tearers character... yet another Smash Captain!!

However I have armed this guy with a (very old school) plasma pistol instead of a storm shield, which means that he can also easily be used as a Lieutenant!

Overall I am very pleased with how this chap has turned out, and I am looking forward to seeing how he performs in the newly released ninth edition of 40k!