Sunday 23 October 2016

New 6x4 gaming table... For less than £20

Well now I'm settled into my new home the time has come to set up some new games boards for battling in the far future.

Usually I play the majority of my games on a 6x4 table or smaller so it was this size of gaming board that I needed. Now as most of you gamers know most modern kitchen tables are annoyingly not the correct size for war games. It seems that for some crazy reason furniture manufacturers insist on designing tables for families to eat meals on rather than for grown men to push vast armies of toy soldiers around...madness.

Hence the need for the creation of sufficient game boards to extend this meagre table into something approaching a decent surface area for gaming on.

Thursday 6 October 2016

MAN CAVE ALERT - New Hobby Home

Well as you have probably noticed I have unfortunately been absent from the blog for the past few months, something for which I must profusely apologise! This hiatus has been due to a variety of external factors including undertaking some pretty horrendous professional exams at work as well as spending time working on my forthcoming rulebook for Osprey Wargames (I am so excited about getting this published!)

However the biggest cause of my AWOL status has been down to the fact that my wonderful partner (who many of you have met at Oldhammer Day and other events) and I have finally managed to buy a house! That's right, after years of saving we are officially homeowners.

Needless to say whilst the purchasing of a new house has been tremendously exciting... the moving process has been far more emotional. I have spent many, many hours crawling around with a sealant gun in our new bathroom and kicking the sh*t out of flat-pack furniture that simply refuses to look anything like it did on the website. For a man that can assemble and paint models to a fairly good standard I am horrified to admit that this talent doesn't stretch to Argos wardrobes or IKEA couches!

However....finally it has all come together and our new home is good to go!

One of the benefits of having such a hobby-friendly partner is that she understands how important that this little past-time of mine is to me, in fact she is so supportive that she has let me have a dedicated 'man cave' for hobby activities in our new house!

Thus one of our spare bedrooms has been magically morphed into a GW store from about 1991!