Friday 29 August 2014

Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Scribe

This is my last post for a few weeks as I'm off on exercise with the Army so there will sadly be no hobby time. 

However I decided that I wanted to finish my brotherhood scribe to add to my recent Fallout squad before I leave and so I have sat myself down and forced myself to assemble, paint and finish this dude as quickly as possible.

Again this is another excellent sculpt from Brother Vinni; this resin piece reall captures the scribe's look from the Fallout Video Games. I kept my colour scheme fairly simple and tried to adhere to the in-game characters as much as possible...

I'm really happy with how this fella has turned out (especially the blonde beard which I was a bit unsure about to start with). He has now joined his squad mates and is ready to help pacify the Wasteland!

The noble Asslessman requested I show this model alongside some RT stuff in order to compare sizes; so here is next to an RTB01 Beakie Marine... I hope this helps...

See you all in a few weeks! 

Tuesday 26 August 2014

More Fallout ... Brotherhood of Steel Paladin with Gatling Laser

My new Fallout models arrived from Brother-Vinni and as expected they are top notch resin casts that perfectly emulate the characters from the aforementioned computer game. Given that these models came from Russia they arrived very quickly (under a week) which was quite an impressive feat.

I have decided to paint this legion of models in a piecemeal fashion dealing with one faction at a time in order to create small warbands for a bit of post apocalyptic gaming. With this in mind I quickly assembled and prepped a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin clad in T-45d Power Armour carrying a Gatling Laser to reinforce the BoS squad that I finished last week.

The paint scheme was easy as I simply repeated the one I used on my earlier Steel Knights and thus I was able to assemble and paint the whole model in less than eight hours...happy days...

Overall I'm really happy with this model and I think he fits nicely with the rest of the team!

What next? Well I might do a Brotherhood of Steel Scribe to join the squad, or possibly some baddies in the form of an Enclave Squad in Advanced Power Armour Mk I (aka Remnants Armour).... I can't wait!!

Monday 25 August 2014

Battle for Armageddon... Remember this?

Another Great British bank holiday...and inevitably this means another rain storm! Luckily being a geek this is fine by me and so instead of bemoaning the weather I have cracked out some old school gaming to pass the time.

Due to the horrendous weather I couldn't be bothered to brave the rain to get to my gaming shed for my usual resources (I.e. Terrain) and so I thought I would try something a little different instead...

So after a little contemplation I cracked out 'Battle for Armageddon' ... This was one of a series of strategic level board games that were designed by Jervis Johnson and released by GW back in the early 1990s. 

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel

It's been a week since BOYL 14 came and went and after having spent so long focused on mass producing 6mm Space Marines for that event's gargantuan EPIC battle I feel that I need something new and entirely different to focus my hobby attention on.

I've always been a Sci-Fi man at heart, but after seeing so many beautiful fantasy models at Oldhammer day (especially in the siege game) I was nearly persuaded to start a fantasy force...nearly...but not quite.

Instead I decided to focus on another Sci-Fi universe that is beloved to me...the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout. Not the usual fayre for a wargamer, but an area I believe to be a rich backdrop for skirmish style settings.

Sunday 10 August 2014

BOYL 2014 and Massed Epic Warfare!!

It's been months in the preparation...countless hours have been spent churning out legions of toy soldiers in anticipation of blood shed on an epic scale...

And finally it has now been and gone with hordes of Oldhammer hobbyists descending on the Wargames Foundry in their new shop near Newark for this year's 'BRING OUT YOUR LEAD - OLDHAMMER DAY 2014!'

And what a day (well weekend actually) it was!  The venue was great and the Ansells and all the staff from the Foundry went out of their way to make us all feel welcome from the moment we arrived on site!  All visitors were given a free event miniature (a rather cool looking Jester-Goblin) and a free event button badge which was very nice and greatly appreciated. Additionally there was free tea and coffee available all day as well as reasonably priced snacks and beers which we consumed with gusto!

On arrival we took the chance to peruse the large venue, looking at the fantastic and extensive selection of miniatures on sale; they were great (and well priced), my mate was so taken with them that he stocked up on a few classic Judge Dredd figures that he's planning as using as an arbites force in future games of 40k. 

Sunday 3 August 2014

Athena's Epic Armour

Well as discussed last week my better half; the beautiful inquisitor Athena will be accompanying me for some 6mm action at next weekends BOYL.

In light of this I have given her command of my Flesh Tearers Epic Space Marines for the weekend, where she will assist my Dark Angels Astartes in crushing all before xenos and traitors who stand before us!

In order to increase her chances of gaining victory and glory in the Emperor's name I have bolstered the sons of Sanguinius with a few more armoured detachments over the last week...

First up we have three rather lovely and very; very old Thunderhawk's from the early nineties. I love these models... They're just flying castles...brilliant!!!