Tuesday 26 August 2014

More Fallout ... Brotherhood of Steel Paladin with Gatling Laser

My new Fallout models arrived from Brother-Vinni and as expected they are top notch resin casts that perfectly emulate the characters from the aforementioned computer game. Given that these models came from Russia they arrived very quickly (under a week) which was quite an impressive feat.

I have decided to paint this legion of models in a piecemeal fashion dealing with one faction at a time in order to create small warbands for a bit of post apocalyptic gaming. With this in mind I quickly assembled and prepped a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin clad in T-45d Power Armour carrying a Gatling Laser to reinforce the BoS squad that I finished last week.

The paint scheme was easy as I simply repeated the one I used on my earlier Steel Knights and thus I was able to assemble and paint the whole model in less than eight hours...happy days...

Overall I'm really happy with this model and I think he fits nicely with the rest of the team!

What next? Well I might do a Brotherhood of Steel Scribe to join the squad, or possibly some baddies in the form of an Enclave Squad in Advanced Power Armour Mk I (aka Remnants Armour).... I can't wait!!


  1. Excellent ! I'm a huge Fallout fan and seriously considered getting those models. I was wondering about the scale, would you by any chance have the kindness to take some pics next to some RT references just to show the scale especially for the scribe and vault dwellers if you have them? The models are not cheap and I'd rather make sure they fit well with the other models.

    Painting is brilliant as usual and you got the perfect tone for this armour.

    1. Hello mate;

      They are lovely models and I really like them. I the scribe and the paladins...I didn't know he did a vault dweller; I must have missed that one!! Bugger.

      The scale is somewhere on between RT and modern 40k. I'll try and get a picture up when I'm next at home. They should fit in with most 28mm well!!

  2. Wow, I know I'm super late on this.... but you wouldn't happen to have a paint recipe I could steal/use?

    These models look wonderful and I've been trying to emulate BoS for some 40k models!