Monday 20 April 2015

Campaign Terrain: Crashed Rhino

With my much-hyped Rogue Trader campaign now impending I find myself with a strong urge to paint up some more scenery for the assorted factions to fight over. Now about a month back I produced a load of ruins using a mix of old GW 'Gothic Ruins' and some newer stuff from Pegasus and so this time around I fancied painting something a bit different to break the monotony of churning out stone buildings.

I had a quick dig through my piles and piles of unpainted plastic and came across this:

It was a crashed Rhino diorama that I had purchased some years back, and like so many models it had been glued together sprayed Chaos Black and then thrown into a box and forgotten about.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Necromunda - Genestealer Cult

After the interesting distraction of a brief foray into the claustrophobic terrors of Space Hulk I have returned to generating the forces required for my up-and-coming Rogue Trader/Second Edition Campaign that I am going to be playing with my better half. 

Having recently finished off some old-school Genestealer hybrids I felt that I now needed some more basic fodder for my cultist forces in the form of some brood brothers. I wanted these guys to look like a rag tag militia as opposed to a formal military unit which pretty much ruled out all the Imperial Guard models released over the years. However I also wanted them to be armed with recognisable 40k weapons (autoguns, bolt guns, etc) as opposed to proxies... which effectively ruled out most other companies ranges!

Sunday 12 April 2015

Space Hulk: Epilogue & Lots of Old School Terminators

Well I have had the pleasure of spending another fantastic weekend with the better half and very obligingly she has made good on her promise of playing through the remaining three missions of the initial Space Hulk Campaign with me... she is literally the perfect woman.

We played the missions in chronological order, squeezing in Mission Four and Five on Saturday night and the final mission this morning. As per last week we used the basic squad layouts that are listed in the Space Hulk rule book without any of the subsequent additions from the Deathwing, Genestealer or Campaigns supplements. 

The only slight amendment that I did make was allowing the squad Sergeants with power swords to utilise the 'parry' rule from Deathwing. 

Also thanks to WARFACTORYUK for his post on last week's blog, he was absolutely right...we had been using the flamer wrongly (I did think it was a remarkably effective weapon....a little too effective) so we implemented the correct methodology for this week's games.

Mission Four: Layout and background

Monday 6 April 2015

Space Hulk: First Edition - Bank Holiday Gaming

Well over here in sunny old England its the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, which essentially means extra time for gaming!! After a lovely weekend with the other half she kindly agreed to play a few games of 'little men' with me!

Always keen to take up such a kind offer I quickly scurried off to the man-cave to set something up. For a variety of reasons I wasn't really in the mood to set up all the scenery and construct the army lists required for a game of Second Edition 40k and so I looked around for something a bit easier to just 'pick up and play'.

A quick perusal of my shelves yielded this:

The iconic artwork on this box is timeless and still rates among one of the best cover images ever produced by GW. Young Legio spent many an hour gazing adoringly at those bold red terminators slaying the purple and blue 'stealers!
Now 1989 was a very important year in the history of mankind; the Cold War and the associated threat of nuclear apocalypse effectively ended with the shattering of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent demise of the Soviet Union. The first commercial based internet service providers went live heralding a new age of technology and the election of FW DeClerk in South Africa really began the end of apartheid! However despite all these major events most experts agree that one thing above all was of even greater import...

Games Workshop released the first edition of Space Hulk, an absolute master-piece of a wargame/board game hybrid (hybrid - get it??). This extravaganza of retro goodness was penned by Richard Halliwell and involved heavily armed Space Marines clearing an assortment of deserted corridors of vicious-looking, Geiger-esque aliens. Many people said this concept was remarkably similar to a certain 1986 film...but I can't really work out which one...

'Hey Vasquez...Have you ever been mistaken for an Astartes?'