Sunday 30 July 2017

BOYL 17 - Oldhammer Day Review

I've just got back from Bring Out Yoùr Lead (BOYL) 2017 and what a great time it was! After having missed the event last year I was determined to make it in 2017 and I'm very pleased that I did! The event was better attended than ever before and there was a huge mass of gamers assembled at the Foundry playing a vast plethora of games ranging from Space Fleet through to Mordheim. 

It was great to see some old faces and I quickly got re-acquainted with various stalwarts of the Oldhammer scene including Curtis who was running the Helsreach Table, Geoff, JB (Asslesman), James Holloway and Steve (Thantsants)! Everyone was in high spirits and it was good to catch up, sadly one character was notable by his absence and I was saddened to find Chico wasn't present.

Monday 24 July 2017

Saracen Fighters (+ Camel) for Outremer: Faith and Blood

Greetings all.... Now... first things first!! We have a celebration to commemorate... this blog that you are reading now is officially four years old as of last week!! So join me in wishing Happy Birthday to the Blog!! What initially started out as a loose assortment of my thoughts and findings around playing games of Rogue Trader has grown beyond anything that I could have imagined when I started it back in July 2013!

In fact this blog has now had over a quarter of a million visits and has a dedicated following of 124 followers! As well as this I have become a regular wargames journalist with frequent articles appearing in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy and Miniature Wargames magazines, on top of which my first set of wargames rules (Outremer: Faith & Blood) is due for release in April next year! Truly from small acorns do big things grow!

Anyway enough reminiscing and on with what you really want to see: Toy Soldiers!

A group of Saracen warriors assembled for adventure in Outremer: Faith and Blood

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Crusader Cavalry... Outremer: Faith and Blood

So I have decided to get some more models done for my soon to be published rulebook Outremer: Faith and Blood this week. As it is a campaign skirmish game set during the crusades it makes sense to have multiple versions of each character in order to represent different weapon or equipment load-outs during the progression of the campaign.