Sunday 9 March 2014

Battle at the River Simba

After a few weeks of modelling articles I decided it was time to take my troops to battle once again for a bit of second edition goodness.

My beautiful girlfriend the formidable Inquisitor Athena was my opponent this time around. She would command a force of Crimson Fists (the inquisitor would  herself be controlling things from orbit and wouldn't be on the battlefield) whilst I would head a force of Rogue Trader era Salamanders.

The battlefield would be made of tradition retro war games scenery supplements with a 'Pegasus Models River' with a rather nifty bridge that was actually bought from the fish tank section of my local pet shop!

The battling forces would be identical each consisting of one Captain with a Bolter and Power Axe; two five man tactical squads with bolters; one five man assault squad with bolt pistols and one five man terminator squad with storm bolters (I still like to keep things simple weapon-wise while we get used to the rules.

Sunday 2 March 2014

Rogue Trader Predator....Complete!!!!!!!!

Well following on from yesterday's post I decided to crack on with the predators flags/ banners so that it was ready to roll across the fields of the forty-first millennium (but the 1989 version of the far future!)

First things first I decided that as my rhinos had square banners I would differentiate the predator by giving it triangular ones. With this in mind I then plotted the outline on graph paper (this is a god send for accuracy, especially with double sided banners).

I then blocked in the main colour which would be yellow...

Once this was done I just added some simple symbols freehand (no transfers in 1987) in black and highlighted the edges with a lighter yellow....

Saturday 1 March 2014

Rogue Trader Predator!

So after I finished the Land Speeder a couple of weeks ago I decided to crack on with my Rogue Trader Predator Tank that is destined to join my Salamanders Army.

This morning I finished off the lights/lamps, tracks and guns....

I decided to go for a gold finish on the weapons barrels to provide a good spot colour and a fairly calm yellow for the lamps; toned down with a brown wash.