Thursday 24 July 2014

Rise of the Titans!!!

Given that BOYL 2014 is now looming on the horizon I decided to pull my finger out and finish off my ongoing Production of six Epic Titans for the vast showdown between Chico, Thantsants, myself and assorted others that we have planned!

In light of this I have literally destroyed myself in my limited spare time in order to try and get these beasts done...and finally they are finished. 

I have given each of the Warlords (there's three of them) a hand painted you can see I was going for the early 90s colourful comic book style:

Sunday 13 July 2014

Happy First Birthday....oh and more tanks!!!!

Another busy week has gone by stuffed with work and rather annoyingly the flu! Yet despite this I have still managed to squeeze in a small amount of hobby progress!

First off... happy birthday.... This blog is now one year old!! Wahoo! What a year it's been, retro space marines; battle sisters; titans....we've had it all! Meanwhile the modern hobby has continued to spiral out of control with GW re-releasing 40k (again), prices being increased (again) and White Dwarf being raped and ruined....good times!!

Since this blog started it has had over 17,000 page visits and now has over 50 followers (hello all)! And I have managed to publish 41 posts and more importantly made some great new virtual friends with similar hobby interests!!

Sunday 6 July 2014

Tank Update!

Again my hobby time has been severely reduced over the last few weeks so output has not been huge... On the plus side this time I have been preoccupied by a rather wonderful holiday as opposed to work.

Anyway I have made some progress on my 80s Imperial Armour.... Three of the old model Rhinos are nearing completion in their Salamanders paint scheme...

Here they are you can see I've gone for some classic yellow and black on the green Basecoat. For those of you who've seen my titans you'll see that the chevrons have made another appearance....