Saturday 30 January 2016

Necromunda Orlocks; Genestealer Cultists; Imperial Army Militia

Greetings all,

These are the latest models off my workbench... Which makes them the first models I have managed to complete in 2016; hooray!! The models in question are five Orlocks from GW's Classic Necromunda range c.1995 (as opposed to the subsequent 2003 redesign of the models).

These miniatures will be used in a variety of guises for my assorted campaigns and games of 40k, they can easily be deployed as militia; gangers; Imperial Army Auxilia and more relevantly .... Genestealer cultists. Of course I'll obviously be playing a few games of Necromunda with them too!!

Friday 22 January 2016

Scenery: Warhammer, Oldhammer, Frostgrave and 40k Gothic buildings...and a bit of MDF

Following last week's Rogue Trader game with my missus the campaign involving her alter-ago 'Inquisitor Athena' has begun in earnest. At the conclusion of this preliminary battle I gave her a brief narrative explaining the repercussions of the initial skirmish and giving her a series of deployment options designed to facilitate her next move within the campaign. Upon consideration of these options she decided that her character's best chance for victory was to try and make contact with a small enclave of isolated Battle Sisters established on the planet's northern most land mass.

With this strategic choice made it was clear that the next episode in this saga would have to take place at the aforementioned Battle Sisters Chapel-Barracks. Now I could have made do with my existing terrain in order to try and simulate this unique location... however one thing campaigns are great for is spurring on creativity whether in the form of generating new miniatures or scenery and so I took this opportunity to produce some bespoke buildings for the next battle.

Luckily I had possession of some model kits that I bought a while back that would perfectly fit with the overall Gothic style of a Sororitas Preceptory. Long term readers of this blog may remember that last year I painted up some rather excellent Gothic Ruins produced by PegasusGothic Ruin Post ), well I was so impressed by these robust and aesthetically gorgeous kits that I decided to get a few more to augment my terrain collection.

Look closely behind the lanterns for a very subtle source lighting effect caused by the flames...

Thursday 14 January 2016

Rogue Trader - Inquisitor Athena Rides Again - Part II -The Battle

Following on from Inquisitor Athena receiving her mission brief the other day (see here for the prelude and playsheet: Battle Report Part One ) the time rapidly arrived where it was time for us to do battle. For the game itself the noble Inquisitor commanded the forces I have listed in the previous post whilst I represented the emerging cult.

At the start of the game the nature of the cult was finally revealed as the many squads of cultists were invariably led by third generation Genestealer hybrids....whilst the overall force was commanded by a charismatic Genestealer Magus. It appears that the world of Logan's Bluff has been infested by a cabal of Xenos filth.....It's time for the Emperor's Inquisition to deal out appropriate retribution for the sin committed by these heretics.

Sunday 10 January 2016

Rogue Trader - Inquisitor Athena Rides Again - Part I

Having done a quick skim of my recent posts I realised that it has been a while since the noble Inquisitor Athena (my girlfriend's 40k alter-ego) has had a decent investigation to get her teeth into. Not wanting the pride of the Emperor's own Inquisition to be sat twiddling her thumbs I decided to rectify this situation by creating a Rogue Trader scenario for her to get involved in.

After scouring the original 1987 rulebook and the 1991 RT: Compilation I came up with the seeds of a mission that would fit perfectly with the Inquisitor's unique set of skills and should provide an interesting game.

It seems that a small religious cult has been garnering support on a nearby mining-planet, usually this wouldn't interest the agents of the Inquisition as it is down to local planetary forces to keep the peace but sources have reported that recently the cult appears to be arming and training its members... surely this sort of activity warrants a closer look from the Imperium's most covert protectors.

I could have just left it at this brief intro, but instead I decided to provide my partner with a full briefing and play sheet in a similar style to that found within the RT Rulebook. It is a lot of effort to write up one of these, but I really think it makes a tangible difference and goes a long way to immersing the players in the setting.