Sunday 2 March 2014

Rogue Trader Predator....Complete!!!!!!!!

Well following on from yesterday's post I decided to crack on with the predators flags/ banners so that it was ready to roll across the fields of the forty-first millennium (but the 1989 version of the far future!)

First things first I decided that as my rhinos had square banners I would differentiate the predator by giving it triangular ones. With this in mind I then plotted the outline on graph paper (this is a god send for accuracy, especially with double sided banners).

I then blocked in the main colour which would be yellow...

Once this was done I just added some simple symbols freehand (no transfers in 1987) in black and highlighted the edges with a lighter yellow....

Once this was done I cut them out using a sharp artists knife and metal ruler and then stuck the two opposing sides together with a little watered down PVA glue....

And voila, they were then added to the Predator which had just been given a coat of Purity Seal to protect it during battles...

Finally the predator is done and my Rogue Trader Salamanders now have some armoured support in battles.

Next 1988 Land Raider!!!


  1. Lovely. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Cheers guys. Have already started work on the land raider!! Will keep you updated!!