Friday 29 August 2014

Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Scribe

This is my last post for a few weeks as I'm off on exercise with the Army so there will sadly be no hobby time. 

However I decided that I wanted to finish my brotherhood scribe to add to my recent Fallout squad before I leave and so I have sat myself down and forced myself to assemble, paint and finish this dude as quickly as possible.

Again this is another excellent sculpt from Brother Vinni; this resin piece reall captures the scribe's look from the Fallout Video Games. I kept my colour scheme fairly simple and tried to adhere to the in-game characters as much as possible...

I'm really happy with how this fella has turned out (especially the blonde beard which I was a bit unsure about to start with). He has now joined his squad mates and is ready to help pacify the Wasteland!

The noble Asslessman requested I show this model alongside some RT stuff in order to compare sizes; so here is next to an RTB01 Beakie Marine... I hope this helps...

See you all in a few weeks! 


  1. Excellent scribe, thanks a lot for the comparison shot, it was one of the last two thing stha thold me from ordering some, last one is the price. I'm sure someone will be kind enough to get me those for Christmas (fingers crossed).
    I'd want some vault dwellers and probably some robots too, they're just too good to be left out and there's no such thing as too many robots.

    1. No problem mate, happy to hep. I have to say they are worth every penny (Euro) and are really top notch. I also have a few of the robots awaiting painting so I'll let you know how I get on with those on my return.