Thursday 6 October 2016

MAN CAVE ALERT - New Hobby Home

Well as you have probably noticed I have unfortunately been absent from the blog for the past few months, something for which I must profusely apologise! This hiatus has been due to a variety of external factors including undertaking some pretty horrendous professional exams at work as well as spending time working on my forthcoming rulebook for Osprey Wargames (I am so excited about getting this published!)

However the biggest cause of my AWOL status has been down to the fact that my wonderful partner (who many of you have met at Oldhammer Day and other events) and I have finally managed to buy a house! That's right, after years of saving we are officially homeowners.

Needless to say whilst the purchasing of a new house has been tremendously exciting... the moving process has been far more emotional. I have spent many, many hours crawling around with a sealant gun in our new bathroom and kicking the sh*t out of flat-pack furniture that simply refuses to look anything like it did on the website. For a man that can assemble and paint models to a fairly good standard I am horrified to admit that this talent doesn't stretch to Argos wardrobes or IKEA couches!

However....finally it has all come together and our new home is good to go!

One of the benefits of having such a hobby-friendly partner is that she understands how important that this little past-time of mine is to me, in fact she is so supportive that she has let me have a dedicated 'man cave' for hobby activities in our new house!

Thus one of our spare bedrooms has been magically morphed into a GW store from about 1991!

The room in question has been outfitted with numerous shelves that helpfully store all manner of models, research books and paints...lots of paints!

That's right....more paints here... I am pleased to say that I possess an extensive selection of Foundry, Cote d'arms and Citadel paints that ensure I always have the right colours no matter what project I am working on!

Eagle-eyed readers will be able to spot my Space Marine themed pillow that my girlfriend had shipped from the US! I'm never comfier than when sitting on a Ultramarine's face (no innuendo please Chico!)

My girlfriend's parents have also got in on the action and have generously given me this rather lovely display cabinet that I can use to show off a selection of my favourite models when I finally get them out of their transit packaging!

This is my pride and joy, a cupboard stacked with all the classic games of my youth (multiple copies in most cases) and even a few interlopers that I couldn't resist picking up!

This is also matched by my new bookshelf which is stacked with copies of every Rogue Trader and Second Edition 40k publication that was released (multiple copies in most cases!)

Finally I have my paint station, brand new leather office chair (very comfortable) and my Xbox for playing Fallout 4!

So that's it new man cave is up and running, which hopefully means no more breaks in transmissions from this here blog!


  1. That is an amazing 'man zone' you have there. I love seeing people's work spaces and hobby retreats. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheers Liam! I'm really pleased with it, I find I need my own dedicated hobby space as it lets me focus when I'm working on projects!

      Also it provides somewhere to centralise hobby activity and prevent it encroaching on the whole house!

  2. Nice - great room with great stuff! /Hans

    1. Cheers Hans! It is a great feeling to be able to surround myself wit my toys and not have to pack them away afterwards

  3. Definitely makes my little 1920's bureau look somewhat poxy by comparison. :p

    1. Any hobby space is good space mate... for many years my painting area was just a chest of drawers that I used to crouch over for hours trying to daub colour on my little metal toys. In fact I think this may be one of the reasons I suffer from back ache now.

      I always promised myself when I owned my own property I would have a dedicated hobby space and I am pleased it is finally a reality!

  4. I sat on a Space Marines face once...That's how the Emperor's Children came into being..

    Also you are a tart, why? just because :D

    1. I thought you were involved in their creation somewhere!

      I thank you, thank you for your kind words!