Saturday 26 April 2014

Gold Banding.....Aghhhhhh!!

I was wrong....the blacking out of armour trim is not the most tedious activity in the world...the subsequent re-trimming with multiple shades of gold is even worse. 

In light of that I've now reached the part of my titan project where instead of batch painting all six at once I will now proceed with one model at a time before moving onto the next. Otherwise having to do five layers of gold on the banding of six individual titans will probably induce suicide!!!

Anyway here is my progress today on one of the warlords....

For those of you who work on a budget you'll notice from the picture above that the average thumbnail does make a cheap, but remarkably 'handy' palette for mixing paints!!


  1. Looks fantastic so far. It absolutely amazes me that you aren't using a wet palette it makes blending and layering a lot easier.
    Can't wait to see them done with your dark angels... You'll have to post a completed army shot!

  2. I used to use a wet palette but for some reason it still doesn't work for me, I'm not really sure why.

    Yeah I'll get all the troops together when they're done for a team shot!!

  3. I am a thumbnail man too, and I use my wrist to get brushes ready for drybrushing too. A lovely result, so the effort on all that gold was well worth it!

  4. Thanks mate; it was tiresome but worth the results! Just five more Titans to go!!

    Hey.... I also use the drybrushed wrist technique....