Saturday 5 April 2014

Big Green Land Raider rolls off a 1989 Forge World's production line!

Hello retro fans.

Well due to work commitments my blog and my gaming have been on the back burner for a while; but I have finally got the chance to finish of my Rogue Trader Land Raider for my Old School Salamanders army. This is a project that I have been working on for some time. 

Firstly I decided to give the tank an 80s style hand painted banner. Given that this beast will be transporting my Terminators into the thick of it I thought I would stick with a traditional stone Crux Terminatus on a black background. Once again the graph paper was an invaluable tool for the banner....

Unfortunately the original banner pole was absent from this damaged eBay acquisition and so a normal sewing pin was fielded as a replacement to which the banner was affixed with PVA glue...

I added some relevant hand painted symbology at pertinent points around the tank; including a flame on the right door...

A Salamander symbol on the right door...

And the yellow hand on the tank commanders shoulder which was the original markings of rogue trader techmarines (tying it into my previous Land Speeder)....

It was then time for my 1980s armoured column to form up and roll forward in the name of Vulkan and Terra....

In fact I was so inspired by this show of mechanised force that I cracked open my shed and started to assemble two more old style plastic Rhinos to further bolster their numbers. I'm looking forward to getting this duo of APCs ready for the battlefield!!

More to follow as soon as I have some more time!!


  1. Just as amazing and clean as normal :) Good job

  2. A real joy to see. It's so rare to see a mechanized army in rogue trader. Good luck on the next two.

  3. Lovely project, I really enjoy every pic of this :)

  4. Cheers all! Many thanks!

    Suber; cheers for the Liebster nomination, I am drafting a response that I will post shortly!!

    It's a real honour mate; I really appreciate it!!

  5. Cheers mate; many thanks. I'm glad you enjoy it!! If you want to follow it just click on the 'join this site' / 'follow button on the right. It would be great to have you aboard ;-)