Sunday 1 December 2019

Second Unit of Blood Angels Terminators (1989 Originals)

This week I’ve been busy working on my 1989 Blood Angels Terminators for the first edition of Space Hulk. 

After finishing my first squad of these veterans a few weeks back I decided that I would paint another unit with identical weapon load-outs in order to match the predetermined units from the Space Hulk Missions Book.

I have finished the first two models this week in the form of the Squad Sergeant and the Heavy Flamer Trooper. 

To distinguish this specific squad leader from the one that I have already completed I have given this warrior some hand painted green blood drop heraldry... these appear on both his mini-shield and shoulder pad.

I really, really love these models, there is just something about the old school Terminators that is a absolute joy to paint.

I have also found that I actually enjoy painting bright red space marine armour (which I honestly didn’t think I would)... so I’m definitely considering painting up a full Rogue Trader/Second Edition compliant force of these guys.


  1. They look great. I like the old-school basing, too!

    1. Cheers Toby! I have to say I am back in love with Goblin Green

  2. So lovely. Of course you should build a whole force like this!!

  3. Classic stuff! Very well done!