Sunday 15 September 2019

Five more Iron Warriors from the Horus Heresy

After the initial success of my first batch of Iron Warriors last week I decided to knock out another five Astartes in order to keep them company.
I went for another five tactical marines in Mk III Iron Armour (my favourite version of the iconic space marine battle plate) in order to bring the squad up to ten warriors.

I chose to equip one of the marines with a vexilia (aka banner) as this has some limited in game effects but also looks pretty cool.

Again these mighty warriors were really enjoyable to paint and I think they ended up looking pretty cool. I think I have finally mastered the art of hazard stripes now!!

I’m thinking of doing a few more in order to go for a twenty man Legion Tactical Squad.


  1. As impressive as the previous batch. I really like your take on these.

    1. Cheers super! They are really enjoyable to paint!