Monday 2 September 2019

Flesh Tearers Stormraven Gunship

So after the sheer joy of last week’s Storm Talon Gunship I decided to go one better and do its big cousin in the form of a mighty Storm Raven.

I’ve completed one of these models previously for my Crimson Fists army and as such I am well aware of what a potent unit the Storm Raven is on the tabletop.

...However I had forgotten what a huge model this actually is (especially when compared to the much smaller Storm Talon). It really is quite a substantial metal beast.

I decided to load it up with as many guns as possible in order to increase its overall lethality on the battlefield. Twin plasma cannons, Storm Strike missiles, Typhoon Missile launchers and hurricane bolters should put down most units in the game quite swiftly. 

Modelling-wise this was an absolute treat to paint, I really enjoyed both the assembly and the painting stages of this project. I also took great pains to ensure that the weathering was just right.

Overall I am really pleased with how this model has come out. I think the red and black colour scheme is particularly striking and suits the angles and shape of the model.

I can’t wait to use this absolute monster to deliver Gabriel Seth and his favoured retinue deep into the heart of the enemy.


  1. Just like on her smaller cousin, you did an outstanding work here :)

    1. Thank you my friend! I really enjoyed painting this model! I might do some more Flesh Tearers soon!