Saturday 17 August 2019

Flesh Tearers in MKIV Maximus Armour... Plasma Cannon Trooper (and friend)

So to finish off my squad of Flesh Tearers in Mk IV Maximus Armour (my Army represents the Chapter at the time of the scouring, so all of the models are in archaic models of power armour) I have completed the last two marines.


I have gone for a normal tactical marine with Bolter accompanied by the squad’s ubiquitous heavy weapons specialist.

This heavy weapon Trooper is equipped with a nice big plasma cannon (stolen from the Devastator box).

I love these huge guns as a cool weapon system...but for me I really like the way the bright blue plasma coils offset the dark crimson armour. These aesthetic touches are always important when making a great looking army!

As the chapter symbol is a bitch to paint I have given both battle brothers sculpted shoulder pads which I personally think look awesome.

Overall I’m really happy with these guys and how the complete squad has turned out.

Ithink I might do some vehicles for my Flesh Tearers next!! After all such an aggressive chapter needs to have some transports to get them to enemy in a speedy manner!!


  1. I can't add anything without repeating myself, but wow, I do love these Flesh Tearers.

    1. Cheers Suber! Their colour scheme is a joy to paint