Friday 14 June 2019

Sisters of Battle - Adepta Sororitas: Order of Our Martyred Lady

So after last week’s fantastic trip to the local Wargames show and my impressive haul of awesome Oldhammer finds I’ve been cracking on with some Sisters of Battle this week to bulk out my Sororitas Forces. 

These girls will be making up the numbers for my inevitable refight of the Massacre at Sanctuary 101.

Whilst I do paint vehicles and larger models I must admit that it is in basic infantry models that my real passion lays. I like to spend time making sure each basic ‘grunt’ looks their very best!

Here we have three normal sisters armed with bolters and a veteran sister superior equipped with a plasma pistol and chainsword.

I will try to get these girls on the table soon to practice delivering the Emperor’s wrath to heretics and Xenos filth!


  1. They look gorgeous, nice job on these!

    1. Thanks Suber!! I’m building quite a force of them now!!