Thursday 22 December 2016

Medieval Archers (for FROSTGRAVE and Mordheim)

Happy (almost) Christmas dear readers!!

Well with the festive season in full swing and my recent commission for Osprey Games (FROSTGRAVE) complete I decided to celebrate by continuing with one of my own projects. If you remember a few months ago prior to my hiatus I was painting up some small units of Normans, well I have wanted to get back to these for a while and so I made the decision to give each of these two groups some ranged firepower.

First up my 'Green' Normans received reinforcements in the form of an archer and a crossbowman, the archer is a plastic Conquest model whilst the crossbow operator is a metal model from a different range. The metal model was noticeably smaller than its plastic counterpart and so I increased its overall height by sticking a five pence coin to the base before gluing the model on. This small, easy step added a few mm to the figure and helped bring it line with the other members of the unit.

In the interests of balance my 'Red' Normans received matching reinforcements to bolster their numbers. Again the crossbowman was elevated using a five pence coin.

Here is the current 'Red' force in all its glory....

And it's opposing number in the form of the 'Green' force! 

I really like the way these guys are looking and I will happily be able to use them in either medieval games or more likely as slightly more realistic warbands in games of Mordheim and FROSTGRAVE.

I must apologise for the relative darkness of the photos but hopefully it hasn't detracted from your enjoyment of the images too much.

For the paint jobs I used my usual mix of Citadel and Foundry ranges, I tend to use Citadel for the brighter colours (greens/reds) and Foundry for the more 'earthy' tones.

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