Saturday 3 December 2016

Official FROSTGRAVE Warband

As regular readers of this blog may know I was commissioned earlier this year by the author of the award winning game FROSTGRAVE to paint some figures for his ongoing project (the game continues to go from strength to strength)!

Joe (the aforementioned author) tasked me to paint up two full warbands for use with game system. It has been a long project (thanks to house moves and promotions at work during the intervening period) but I have finally managed to get this models completed!

I will do a post for each of the warbands, so first up we have the 'goodies' consisting of an Enchanter, his apprentice, assorted soldiers and a wood construct/golem.

Here we have the Enchanter and his young understudy, both equipped with suitably large hammers and carrying the tools of their trade about their persons. I went for moderately bright colours for these fellows, using red and blue as the recurring colours that would draw the warband together.

Next up is their faithful construct who I have named 'Woody' for obvious reasons! With this model I have tried to go for a mix of wood tones in order to break it up and make the figure more pleasing to the eye.

Every warband needs a little bit of long range firepower and for this group it is provided by this pair of chaps, an archer and a crossbow man. These two really show the great facial sculpting from these licensed North Star figures, which allowed me to bring out some real expressive detail with my painting.

Here we have a thief (dagger), barbarian (two handed weapon) and a thug (club); these guys form the grunts of the group and are there to provide fodder/meat shields for the Wizards as they do their magical business.

Finally for this warband is a man-at-arms (axe and shield) and another thug (sword) to bolster the group, and again you can see I was able to pull out some great detail on the faces of these two chaps!

Overall I am exceptionally happy with how these guys have turned out; they have been a real labour of love for me and as they are both a commission and associated with such a great project I have spent extra time and effort on them compared to my usual output! I really hope this shows in the finished products.

It would be easy to end up painting the models with a overly-uniform look but I have tried to avoid this, simply using the consistent colours to draw them together on the table top as opposed to giving them something that looks too much like an organised military uniform.

The paints used through out this project were a mix of the Citadel and Foundry ranges!

Please let me know what you think!


  1. Really great looking warband. As the weather has turned colder, my thoughts have been returning to frostgrave too. I'm just painting up a mausoleum.

    1. Cheers mate! Yeah it's definitely a winter game! It makes me sad to be parting with these guys as I'd love to field them on the tabletop for a few games first.

  2. Brilliant work. The extra effort definitely shows!

    1. Thanks Warburton;

      It took ages to get these guys done but I think the extra effort was worth it in the long run!!

  3. Wow, impressive! I love all of them, they look gorgeous. These are among your best works, hats off.
    I've been tempted about Frostgrave for a while, but still have to make my way into it...

    1. Cheers Suber! I have to say I am really pleased with how they turned out. They made a change from power armour!! Lol

      Mate you should definitely try Frostgrave; it's like across between Rogue Trader and Mordheim and has the potential for a lot of customising too!