Thursday 19 May 2016

Terminator Resistance Fighters / Fallout Talon Company Mercs

First off let me apologise for the lighting in the following photos... unfortunately I didn't realise how bright the light was at the time and how it would apparently drain the details from the models in the subsequent images. But heh-ho, such is life!

Anyway these latest completed miniatures are a set of the plastic resistance fighters from the Terminator Miniatures Game that my lovely girlfriend ordered me as a surprise last year (and that I have also reviewed in the latest issue of WSS Magazine).

These guys will also double up as 'Talon Company Mercenaries' in my Fallout-Themed Games (I think the black armour ties them to this faction nicely, in fact they are almost perfect matches).

So first up we have five resistance fighters; four of which are armed with plasma rifles whilst the remaining one carries a Stinger-esque missile launcher.

When working up the colour scheme for these futuristic soldiers I decided to stick closely to the uniforms from the latest movie and so the fatigues were painted in a light grey, modern digi-cam. This took ages to achieve but I feel the end result was worth it and I believe I have created a realistic effect when coupled with the black armour.

Next up we have a further set of five resistance fighters also armed with plasma rifles, additionally one of these has been upgraded to have a pet doggy (these are apparently very good at spotting Terminators). The K-9 operator didn't actually come with the box set and is an additional resin expansion model that I bought from the Warlord Website. As I haven't painted a contemporary dog before I spent a fair bit of time researching German Shepard colourings and patterns before I started on this model in order to make sure the finished article looked vaguely true-to-life.

Overall these aren't the easiest models to paint, and with the plastic resistance fighters there are only four different torsos which means that with larger forces there will inevitably be a high degree of repetition. This is something which I have tried to offset early through the use of different hair and scarf colours. 

That being said I am actually really happy with how these guys turned out and I think that they will look good both in my games of Fallout and Terminator.


  1. Nice work squire - those camouflage patterns are a pain in the neck, but you've pulled it off.

    Have you played the game yet?

    1. Cheers mate! Yeah you're right; they are tedious to say the least! After I'd done the first one I was like, 'bollocks... I wish I hadn't done that...9 more to go!' But yeah, it was worth it in the end!

      Yeah I've had a few play throughs now; I quite like it for a basic, small-scale skirmish game. Have you played it?

  2. I always find cammo is hard to get right, but you've nailed it here: great job!

    1. Cheers Preacher! Greatly appreciated! I have to say on top of that I find digi-cam is harder than most because of the nature of the pattern!