Sunday 16 December 2018

Kill Team Mini-Tournament

Unfortunately I’ve been away with assorted work projects for the last couple of months and so as you may have noticed I haven’t been able to do any posts for the blog as my hobby time has essentially been nil!

However all that changed this weekend when some really good mates and I got together to give ‘Kill Team’ a whirl at the Dice Saloon in Brighton (great venue, highly recommended)!

In total six of us turned up to play, with many of the participants coming vast distances to take part. This included a fellow Officer who came over from Germany and a US Navy Commander who flew in from Africa on his mid-tour R and R.

The forces that we fielded were a varied mixed; I personally brought my Flesh Tearers (pictured above), there was a Genestealer Cult, a mob of Orks, two teams of Astra Militarum and a terrifying horde of gribbly Tyranids.

For most of us this was our first go at playing the new version of Kill Team and I have to say we all loved it.

As a game system it’s similar enough to 40k for experienced gamers to know what to expect ... but it’s smaller model count and reduced battlespace makes it ideal for quick and fun battles that can be played in about sixty minutes.

In this particular game system each faction really is unique and it pays it to carefully consider and select both your fighters and their wargear before the battle commences. 

Over the course of multiple games I found that Genestealers are a particularly nasty troop choice in the game as they are both remarkably swift and remarkably deadly in close combat. 

In fact in one game my opponent’s nasty little ‘stealers managed to close the ground and start eating my men in the first turn!! 

The game really needs to be played on multi-level terrain in order to provide the most tactical challenges and opportunities. Luckily the Dice Saloon has loads of appropriate scenery to use and this made the games we played far more cinematic. 

Space Marines benefit in this ruleset as their ‘Transhuman Physiology’ rule basically allows them to ignore the effects of the first Flesh Wound they receive. This essentially reflects their enhanced endurance and resilience from the fluff.

That being said the Imperial Guard forces are able to field a lot of troops and a bucket load of special weapons within their Kill Teams.  This quantity of fire allows them to take down quite a few fighters each turn.

Another useful asset is any form of sniper and we found a lot games turned into ‘Enemy at the Gate’ with pairs of snipers creeping through the rubble of ruined cities trying to eliminate each other... Awesome!

As well as a load of absolutely awesome games of Kill Team we also found the time to enjoy the social side of Brighton and partook of some particularly delicious ales in a number of the cities rather nice pubs.

So overall a great gaming weekend was had by all and I think it’s safe to say that we will definitely be playing a lot more Kill Team in the near future! 

It really is both an awesome and easily accessible game... in fact it’s probably one of my favourite GW systems for the last decade!!