Monday 2 July 2018

Flesh Tearers Drop Pods - Complete

Finally they are done!! I have just managed to complete all three of my Flesh Tearers Drop Pods!!!

I’m not going to lie... these bloody models have been an absolute bitch to complete. The painting process was long and arduous and frankly very boring. Whilst the final assembly stage was also absolutely horrific.

The whole model just doesn’t fit together properly; and I actually ended up breaking a few bits on the final stages which was annoying. 

This strikes me as a design that looked amazing when designed on a computer via CAD but actually in reality is a lot more fiddly and annoying. 

That being said ... they’re done!!

So here they are...

I have to say that despite their fiddly nature they do look rather splendid and I think I’ve done a good job on them. 

I have added just the right amount of wear to make them look battle worn without going over the top so they look like they were cobbles together by an Ork. In all honesty if I was going to be totally realistic there would be no paint on these vehicles; just scorched burn marks from atmospheric re-entry!!

Now much like my good friend and fellow blogger Suber I am obsessed with detail.... and so...

I took the time to individually paint every single screen; button and internal detail!! MADNESS!! But worth it!!

I am looking forward to get these guys on the table on the next couple of weeks and seeing if all that time I dedicated to them was well spent!!


  1. They look great! The ends justify the gruelling means.

    1. Cheers mate! It certainly was gruelling, but I’m satisfied with them now they are finished!

  2. Well, it most certainly paid off! So great!

    1. Cheers Suber!! It was your inspiration that made me do all the internal screens (I still remember your Argus Lighter model from a few years back!!)