Sunday 14 July 2013

More Rogue Trader goodness

Greetings fellow Imperial citizens;

As promised I have taken a few more photographs of my Rogue Trader era Space Marines hailing from the Salamanders Chapter. As per my previous post I have tried to paint them in the style (and with the correct hand painted insignia) of the early Rogue Trader period (c.1987 - 1991).

Well every one loves a chracter and I decided that my Marines required a little spiritual support in the form of an original lead Chaplain armed with a bolt pistol and crozius....

I love this model; admittedly the skull mask is a little 'stylised' but the miniature oozes menace and character.

Next I decided to paint up a generic Veteran (maybe he will be used to fill in as anything from a sergeant up to a captain) with a massive power axe....

Again the sculpting is reminiscent of the times, but still....he's also very characterful.

Well it's time for a few more squads; and so I decided to give my Marine force a little more firepower in the form of two devastator units. 

The first squad is ten marines strong, four of whom who are armed with lascannons.  These models are the oldest Space Marines produced (some are pre-rogue trader and are c.1984 +) and are real gems; though they are pretty hard to get ahold of.  They were made as part of Citadel's generic sci-fi models to support Talisman Timescape back in the days before 40k existed; however whilst there are some differences it is easy to see the progression from these guys through to the RTB01 wombles we all know and love. Pictures of them feature heavily in the RT rule book....

The next devastator squad is made up of 'standard' RT womble Mk VI metal and plastic marines; 1 carries a heavy bolter, 1 carries a conversion beamer whilst another two are armed with missile launchers....

Next another tactical squad is added to the fray.  The sergeant is a plastic RTB01 marine with Power Fist and appropriate 80's rank chevrons. No heavy weapon as of yet, but you might like the special weapon trooper who has apparently mugged an Eldar and stolen his shuriken catapult...

Now it was time to up the existing assault squad from five to ten battle-brothers.  Once again I have utilised a mix of metal and plastic marines to add some variation. The sergeant wields  a power fist and bolt pistol whilst one marine is packing a hand flamer and another sports a plasma pistol...

I then decided to add an extra Rhino for increased mobility. Like my last Rhino (picture also included) I saw this a chance to go to town with hand painted insignia, honour markings and vehicle mounted flags.  I really enjoyed trying out my blending techniques (from old WD paint guides) on the flames and lightning strike.  I think they have turned out okay.

Well that's it for this update....I hope you've enjoyed seeing some old models given a new lease of life with a fresh paint job!

Stay safe out there....Legio


  1. They are lovely! Surely we're due a group shot now?

  2. I shall get on it ASAP. I'd do it tonight but the natural sunlight has just disappeared; on my next day off I'll get a group shot done for you good sir!

  3. Well done. I love these old school marines. Who do you have to fight them?

    1. Yeah I love them too. They frequently go to war against my mates modern Guard, Salamanders and Grey Knights Armies. Though we also try to play second ed and rogue trader too.

      They also take up arms against my own second ed sisters of battle. I'm currently building up a genestealer cult too. I've done 20 pure bloods so far (mix of first ed Space Hulk models and Metal stealers from 1989) and a Patriarch. Now I just need some brood brothers and hybrids!!