Sunday 19 May 2019

Two More Necron Destroyers to finish off the squad!

So I’ve pained up two more Necron Destroyers this week to bulk out my growing force of psychotic robotic killers.
These two fighters will bring up my maniple of floating murderers to a full size squad of five Destroyers and one Heavy Destroyer.

I’ll probably use them as a full squad of six during most games though I now have the option to break them down into two smaller three-man/model/machine units for extra flexibility.

Their ability to zip around the battlefield at speed and lay down a fairly impressive amount of heavy fire will make these an invaluable addition to my forces. 

I have absolutely loved painting up these models and they have been my favourite Necron models so far. I think I’d like to add to their efficacy with some close support next; so I might paint a Necron Destroyer Lord to bolster them with its aura abilities.


  1. Just like the others, I love these. The paintjob is interesting and crisp, yo are doing a great job here.

    1. Cheers mate. The Necrons are really interesting and fun models to paint.