Sunday 20 January 2019

New Necron Immortals

I am pleased to say that my first models of 2019 are finally done.... phew... and I actually managed to do a whole squad before the end of January!

Having successfully completed a total of sixty Necron Warriors last year I decided to go for a slightly heavier troops choice this time around in the form of a squad of Necron Immortals.

Under eighth edition rules these guys have a better armour save and much more powerful firearm than their basic warrior counterparts. Meaning they are both more durable and pack a far harder punch.

To keep a sense of continuity throughout my army I used exactly the same paint scheme as the one that I applied to the warriors. I really enjoyed painting these guys as they had a little more detail and bulk to them. I put them on 32mm bases to differentiate them from their more rudimentary robot peers.

I figure that these guys will be pretty useful in the game for thinning out Marine and Terminator equivalents whilst their warrior brethren absorb enemy firepower.

I liked these guys so much that I have already started another five man squad of Immortals to provide a little more heavy support.


  1. There's a Necron revival thing these days on the blogs! Oh, man! They are coming back from their tombs! We are doomed!!

    1. They’ve been waiting for millions of years to awaken... this is their time.