Monday 26 May 2014

Fast Time Predator!

I couldn't face any more Titans today, but I still wanted to crack on and to do a bit of hobby work as it was the bank holiday; so I dug through my boxes and found a badly damaged 1989 predator I'd acquired on eBay a few years back. It was in a bad way so I decided to give it a bit of love and attention.

Much to my surprise the whole day flew past (with a few cups of tea and sandwiches) and I managed to build it; paint it and complete it.... Even I was impressed with the speed of production on this one....

I even managed to crack out the graph paper and create a couple of flags for the turret....

So that makes 2 Predators; a Land Raider and a Land Speeder produced for my Rogue Trader Salamanders in the last few months... If I keep on at this rate of production these green armoured veterans could soon rival my Crimson Fists in army size....

Hmmmm what shall I paint next!!


  1. You paint suspiciously far too well and quick to me, I wonder what was in that tea you drank :D

    It looks superb as all your other salamander units.

  2. Many thanks my friend. It's good to see this classic force expanding.

    Ah yes...the secret tea...sadly I can't share my secret ingredient!! :-)

  3. Impressive mechanized force. Keep it up with good work. Thanks to this entry you have a new follower.... me! Cheers from Spain.

    1. Hello my friend! Thanks very much for the feed back! I greatly appreciate it. I now have a few more old school tanks from eBay so I'll try and get them battle ready ASAP! Hasta Luego!

  4. The predator looks great, very crisp. I fear painting tanks base colors and use camouflage to hide my lack of skill.

    You have taught me a new trick, my stupid brain never thought to paint flags before cutting them out. This will make life so much easier.

  5. Many thanks! The technique I use is very easy actually. Spray the base layer with the spray gun; then redo the base layer using a large flat's so large there will be minimal brush strokes. Then just dry brush up in progressively lighter shades of the first colour! Voila

    Yeah the graph paper and painting the banners before they've been cut out is are really helpful!!