Sunday 9 February 2014

Rogue Trader Land Speeder and other creatures.....

Frustratingly I have managed to come down with a horrid cold over the weekend which has hindered my hobby time as I have been sneezing and sitting in bed drinking tea whilst full of self pity. As such I haven't made as much progress on my tanks as I would like; I suspect Nurgle may have become concerned about my armour and send a nurgling to infect me. As such all I've achieved on the larger models is the initial green coats and the subsequent blacking out of key areas:

I was going to paint these vehicles with my last remaining pot of the now OOP Dark Angels Green in order to allow them to fit in with the rest of my rogue trader Salamanders; however I became worried that I could potentially run out of this precious resource half way through the initial basecoat and so settled on using the current Caliban Green instead. 

This course of action also gave me the opportunity to test out the new spray can version of this paint... Which actually proved refreshingly easy to use. I gave the predator and land raider a spray of this and then touched them up with normal Caliban Green on a large drybrush. I then drybrushed them with Waaagh Flesh before a final edge highlight of Goblin Green. The blacking out was done with Abbadon Black.... I'm already happy with how they're shaping up.

Despite not feeling up to doing too much I decided to focus on the old Land Speeder when I did feel up to it; and so cracked on with this whilst listening to my newly downloaded 'LEGION' audio book....

I actually ended up finishing this model in those few hours where I was sniffling into a hankie, so at least I achieved something over the weekend!

Markings wise I painted the odd bit of armour red to link the crew in with modern techmarines; but I also copied the hand-print symbol out of the 1989 Space Marine painting guide as this was the old symbol for techmarines! This appears on both the crews shoulder pads.

I even managed to dig out one of the old school hexagonal flying bases to mount this lovely old model on. I am really, really pleased with this Land Speeder and I'm looking forward to fielding it in a game ASAP... So here is a final group shot of it leading a force of Space Marines and Imperial Army soldiers on the planet of IKEASHELF.....


  1. Lovely stuff, your painting is so clean and crisp

  2. Really enjoying following your blog and battle reports please keep it up. Love to see some pics of those older imperial guard they look the bees knees

  3. Cheers guys. I love to paint these old models; they're a real treat and so I take my time on them. Also I try not to weather them as IIRC there was much weathering done to vehicles back in the day!!

    24 Cigarettes; when I've next got a few days off I'll dig out my small RT Guard force and take a few pics for you!!

  4. These are absolutely splendid, a real pleasure to see such a good treatment offered to such gorgeous models !

    Very good job !

  5. Very cool, you've motivated me to paint my old speeders.

  6. Mate;
    Definitely get on it! It was a joy to paint!! And I mean an absolute joy. I actually have a couple more left that I want to get around to!