Tuesday 22 April 2014

Titan progress

Well after a tough day at work yesterday I decided to crack on with my new cohort of titans. After much deliberation I decided that they would be painted red like the old studio armies from 1990/1993 and so set about applying the red in layers.....whilst they would be based on those old classics I wanted to make the outcome a bit grittier in appearance.....

I based all the titans in Chaos black spray then started off with a few solid layers of Mephitson red which I then gradually blended with evil sunz scarlet, eventually highlighting with wild rider red. When this was dry I added a glaze of the new bloodletter.... I'm starting to regret this final layer as while the glaze certainly did emphasise the colours it did obscure some of my gradual layers of shading. Oh well .... Back to the work station!  

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