Sunday 13 April 2014

6mm Dark Angel Veterans

This weekend I have been engaged in doing some rather dull admin tasks for my job, boring, but sadly this tedium is necessary for me to secure some form of career advancement, so I have knuckled down and stoically cracked on.

However to reward myself for such selfless dedication and additionally to prevent me from succumbing to suicidal thoughts I have allowed myself 45-60 mins of toy time for every two hours of real work successfully undertaken. Strangely this system has made me far more productive than usual, it may have been the need to squeeze the maximum amount of productivity out of my limited time or it could have been just that I was really enjoying myself.... Either way I managed to assemble, prep, paint and complete an Epic Detachment of Dark Angels Veterans which are presented below for your pleasure.....

To differentiate my veterans from my standard tactical marines I managed to source some original MkVI marines from the early 1990s as opposed to my usual MkVII marines. I mounted these archaic warriors on the modern long bases so that they fitted in with the rest of the army. Their right shoulder pads were painted stone coloured and emblazoned with a black sword; and as ever I meticulously painted a white dark angels symbol on every left shoulder pad.

These guys are very much looking forward to joining their brethren from yesterday's post on the field of war. I witnessed first hand last week how effective my opponent's Veterans were; so I can't wait to surprise him with a few of my own!!

Next I'll be looking at painting up a little armoured support for my 6mm battle brothers!!


  1. I hate you more with every wonderful Blog post :) I'm throwing in the towel and will be going down the epic route soon.. Hmmm Chaos, Ork or Squats.. It;s a hard choice :-/ Also what rules to use has too be decided.. Have I mentioned I hate you yet? heh..

  2. Haha; it's nice to be appreciated! :-)

    It's got to be second edition; so much easier to get into and so fluid to play!

    As for the army choice...well I can't help you there.... But Orks are always fun!!

  3. Wooow! You're crazy!

    And I... I'm envious!!

  4. I pride myself on my craziness!