Sunday, 21 February 2021

Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad: Final Four Models

Well I have finally completed the last four Legiones Astartes troopers for my Horus Heresy Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad.
That’s another four potent plasma guns that will be utilised for both immolating enemy heavy infantry and reducing enemy armoured columns to bubbling slag.

I have really enjoyed painting up these fellas over the past few weeks and I think that the recipe I use for their metallic power armour suits these heavy suits of Mark III battle-plate; especially when offset by the orange/red of their bases.

Next up I think I’ll be doing some more work on my Primaris Flesh Tearers for my regular 40K army... in fact I’ll probably focus on completing some more stealth troops in Phobos Armour.

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad: Three More Models Complete

My work on the Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad for the Horus Heresy/30k setting has carried on at a good pace this week and I have now completed another three Legionaries for the unit.

I really like the way that the dark metal power armour contrasts so well with the red/orange ‘Mars-style’ bases. 

I must confess that it is only in recent years that I have recognised how important it is to choose a basing style and colour that compliments the overall miniature.

I’m also pleased with how the blue plasma coils on their weapons have come out, adding another spot colour to the models that really helps to break up those sharp lines of hard steel and grey.

Overall I am pleased with how these guys look and I am going to be pushing myself this week to get the final few models completed in order to bring the unit up to full strength!!

I cannot wait to finally get them on the table and see how so much plasma performs on the battlefield! I’m hoping to see enemy tanks reduced to molten slag... but in all likelihood I am actually going to watch ten expensive models immolate themselves in bright balls of superheated plasma!

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad: Part One

Apologies for my extended absence my dear readers... but it has been a hectic few months with work and a host of other things going on in the real (i.e. non-hobby) world!

However I have still been generating the odd batch of toy soldiers in the interim but haven’t quite got around to posting them on here!

So here is my first post of 2020.....

Here we have the first three models for my Iron Warriors Horus Heresy Tactical Support Squad. 

I have decided to do a full ten man squad of these chaos all equipped with plasma guns for some serious  anti-armour firepower. 

The only exception is the sergeant who carries a smaller plasma pistol and chainsword for melee combat (it is also the perfect surface for adding some thematic hazard stripes to the unit).

I have also given the sergeant the Rogue Trader era style rank markings on his shoulder pad.

I always find Horus Heresy models a joy to paint, especially Mark III ‘Iron’ armour... and these guys were certainly no different. This pattern of battle plate is just so brutal and deadly looking!

In the interests of continuity I have pre-painted all the plasma guns for the squad. 

I have to say that I am really looking forward to cracking on with this Iron Warriors army and finally getting it large enough to play some games with.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Flesh Tearers Infiltrators Complete

Finally I have managed to finish off the last two models in my Flesh Tearers Primaris Infiltrators squad.

I decided to swap out their original heads for a couple of Blood Angels upgrades as well as giving them some Flesh Tearers shoulder pads to reinforce their image as true sons of Sanguinius.

These models were a real joy to paint; the sculpts are so crisp and clean that they make edge highlighting a relatively enjoyable experience. I’m pretty certain I have nailed the palette for the Flesh Tearers now.

Now that I have finished this squad I think I’ll either start work on a squad of Primaris Reivers (to continue the Phobos Armour theme) or possibly resurrect my old 30k Iron Warriors Project!

Stay tuned for more......

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Flesh Tearers Infiltrators

Well with the Incursor squad recently completed for my Flesh Tearers force I thought I would continue the theme and do some more sneaky Primaris marines in the form of an Infiltrator squad!

These models are actually a variant build from the same box set as the Incursors and as such they are also clad in the same Phobos pattern MK X Armour that has been designed for covert operations and stealth work.

Like all the Primaris range these guys are beautiful sculpts and a real joy to paint. I really like the clean lines and realistic look of the models.

Having completed three of the five man squad my next task will be to finish off the remaining two models including the sergeant.

I’ll probably give them a head swap to make them look a little more like the descendants of Sanguinius that they are!!

Stay tuned for updates.....