Sunday 1 August 2021

More Chaos Cultists!!

Having enjoyed painting up the pair of Chaos Cultists last week I decided to dig out a couple more of these models to expand my futuristic forces of evil. 

I chose two identical models to demonstrate that with a bit of thought and variety in the selected paint schemes then it is possible to make them look both distinct and different.

It was great fun to paint up these guys as the combination of flesh, robes and leather made a nice change from the smooth curves and lines of power armour that I usually end up painting!! 

I tried to give them a suitably worn, rusted and grubby look to show that these debased heretics spend little time caring for their equipment.

I am really pleased with the final look of the models and I’m sure I will revisit the range in the near future as I’d like a small detachment of these guys for a skirmish/RPG campaign I’m looking at running!

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