Wednesday 23 April 2014

Critical Injury...and more Titans!!

Well today has been eventful. Whilst weight lifting I dropped a 20kg weight on my finger; this caused the nail to go black with excess blood.... So I broke out my amatuer apothecary kit; heated up a needle and paper clip and lanced them into my nail to release the pressure...the pain was excruciating and the amount of blood that poured out was really quite horrifying!! Unfortunately I had to push this burning hot metal into my smouldering flesh nine times to hit the full amount of swelling which was pretty emotional. Sadly this high tech medical procedure wasn't enough to deal with it and I had to go to Hospital for an X-Ray and to have another even larger hole drilled through the nail to expunge more the end of my visit I knew how a dying space marine feels when someone extracts his gene seed.

Anyway I still managed to fit in a little painting time; though it was hard to see clearly through the tears of agony!!!

I mainly focused on adding some yellow and black chevrons on different parts of the assorted titans carapaces! Simple; but time consuming due the amount of layers required to build up a solid base colour; the pigment in yellow paint is so translucent! 

Here are the results....

More to follow when my injuries heal!



  1. Ouch!... Hope you heal quickly mate.

    My shoulder's pretty much back to normal, even though I carried on lugging stuff around, like my multi-gym down into the basement and setting it up again.

    Chevrons and hazard stripes, gotta love 'em :)

    Those Warhound scout titans are some of my favourite miniatures ever made. I just love the little fellas.

  2. Weights are dangerous mate; this us my third injury this year.... But I'm already trying to work out a way to lift despite having a busted finger!

    Chevrons are awesome; I learned the technique on my iron warriors so I have a good grounding in it.

    Yeah the old Warhounds are just so awesome aren't they; I love their dog faces!!!

    1. Been nothing but injuries of late around my house and my circle of friends, crazy...

      Must be something in the air!?!

      I've got a couple of the warhounds and a lot of other epic/space marine stuff boxed up somewhere in my hobby room. I may even get to it one day after all the other projects I've got sat around :)

    2. Yeah, there's a lot of it going around at the minute!

      My epic titans have been sat around for years; it's only the promise of some epic games at Oldhammer day that have seen this venerable old war machine make it to my work station!!

  3. Good lors, I hope you're feeling better !
    How come did you manage to paint something with such a pain?

    I'm also intrigued by your stripes and chevrons technique. Would you mind describing it a bit (maybe with pics)?
    I traded off my titans to avoid any temptation but looking at yours, I would defintely have enjoyed trying to paint one...
    Now I am to enjoy seeing yours getting some love.
    Oh and agreed on the warhound, Jes Goodwin did wonders once again ;)
    (note the warhound head is the exact same head as on the WHFB warhound head khorne champion but who came first?)

    1. I'm not going to lie; it was horrendous agony..... However I once heard that all artists have to suffer for their art....Van Gogh cut of his ear; I ram burning needles into my nails.... Basically I'm the Van Gogh of Old Hammer!

      I'm always happy to share techniques my friend; I'll post some stage-by-stage pictures the next time I do some chevrons but here is a quick guide as to how to do it:

      Undercoat: Start from either a Chaos Black or Skull White spray on undercoat. The titans above had a black undercoat but arguably it is easier from white. Chevrons usually only appear on small parts of a model so it really depends on what undercoat the rest of the model has received.

      Basecoat: Now apply multiple thin coats of Averland Sunset (Iyaden Darksun) to the entire area, this takes a fair while as you will need a lot of coats; but don't stop until you get a solid base colour.

      Layer: Next Layer on Yriel Yellow (Golden Yellow) to the whole area; the pigment is like piss so again you'll need a lot of layers.

      Outline: With a nice solid yellow to work with get some Abbadon Black (Chaos Black) and water it down heavily; then with a detail brush paint on the lines to show where you want your black chevrons. Keeping the paint thin means it's easier to rectify mistakes at this point.

      Fill: Once you are happy with the shapes then use your black paint to fill in alternate chevrons. A couple of coats should do it.

      Highlight 1: Highlight the edges of the yellow areas with Flash Gitz Yellow (Sunburst Yellow), gradually adding in a little White Scar (Skull White).

      Highlight 2: Mix your black with about fifty percent Administratum a Grey (Codex Grey) and highlight the edges of the black stripes; gradually work this up to pure grey.

      And voila you should have some lovely chevrons!

      I hope this helps!!

    2. It does and I'm awed by the fat you don't even mask... you must have one steady hand oO

    3. I have never been entirely with the effect masking achieves as I always find there is a slight ridge between the paints. My hand has got steady over time. It's about one long smooth brush stroke!

  4. May the emperor be with you in recovery. I guess that 20kilo was part of... The Fallen (ha).
    No but seriously I hope your wounds heal quickly and completely.
    I'm into lifting as well, fitness is something I find fairly rare amongst hobbyists. Slap on a games day tshirt next time you do your back routine to failure. Guaranteed you'll get a laugh out of people's reactions

  5. Fallen...Haha
    Yeah it's not that common; luckily my gaming group are all soldiers; sailors or cops so we're all into fitness. I sort of got hooked on weight lifting when I was in Afghanistan as there was very much else to do in my spare time.

    Funny you should say that about the T-Shirt; my very supportive girlfriend recently bought me a T Shirt with a Space Marine on and the words 'Keep Calm and Know No Fear.' I was wearing it at the hospital so when the nurse asked me how I was able to self operate with the heated paper clip I just looked at the T shirt and said 'I kept calm; and knew no fear '

    I think she thought I was crazy!