Sunday 18 July 2021

Flesh Tearers Primaris Reiver Squad… Complete!!

After something of a hiatus due to Covid lockdown I have finally managed to finish off the rest of my shiny new Primaris Reiver Squad.

I have to say I really like these models… I think they look suitably menacing and their lines are just really visually pleasing. I know some people don’t like their grav-chutes but I think they look pretty cool.

I chose to give them bolt carbines for no other reason than they look awesome, however to be honest in game terms I don’t think that they are massive effectively!!
I really think the Flesh Tearers paint scheme fits all Primaris models well, and this is even more pronounced on those warriors who are equipped with the cut-down Phobos armour such as Reivers and Incursors.

There’s a few more figures currently sat on my paint station to be completed; but I’ll probably do another squad of Reivers at some point… maybe with the Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife combination!

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