Monday 31 May 2021

Flesh Tearers Primaris Reivers

Having just completed a couple of squads for my Horus Heresy era Iron Warriors  I decided to make a return to the more ‘modern’ battlefields of the 41st Millennium for my next project.

It’s been a while since I added any battle-brothers to my Flesh Tearers force and so I think I’ll be expanding the ranks of these ferocious sons of Sanguinius next. 

As such I have just started work on a squad of Primaris Reivers for my force. These guys have been equipped with Grav packs so that I can take advantage of their ability to Deep Strike.

Most of my Flesh Tearers Army is actually made up of traditional space marines in old marks of power armour, but I do have a few squads of the assorted Phobos variant Primaris Marines as I love their aesthetic.

I have followed the same paint recipe as all my other previous Flesh Tearer models. It takes a while to apply, but I think it achieves a really nice deep red.

As per all the Primaris sculpts I have worked on previously these guys are an absolute joy to paint and are really impressive looking miniatures when complete.

I am very much looking forward to finishing the squad off and seeing how they do on the tabletop!


  1. Very noice! The red is fantastic!

  2. They look great, lovely reds and the Carbines look sweet.

    1. Cheers mate! I gotta say I love the carbines too! They look so cool!