Sunday 8 September 2019

Iron Warriors - Warhammer 30,000 / Horus Heresy

I decided to start another new project recently in the form of a further Legion for Horus Heresy / Warhammer 30,000 gaming. 

I know, I know... I have a thousand different projects on, but I find I need variety to keep me interested.

After much consideration I settled on doing an army of Iron Warriors as I love their aesthetic and I can also use them in 40k (possibly as Silver Skull proxies).

The basic metal power armour is relatively quick to achieve ... though I did spend ages on highlights where a drybrush might have sufficed. But those hazard stripes... man they take an absolute age!!

I chose to use MK III Iron armour for my first five man test batch as I think it’s sheer brutality suits the Legion’s look better than the sleeker MK IV Maximus pattern.

I’m really pleased with them overall, especially the Sergeant’s power sword and the new red bases I’m trialling! Now I’ve settled on a scheme I guess I’ll have to paint some more....


  1. Wow! Spectacular. I love them, what's the base colour for the armour? I love the tone and... well, and the whole damn thing!! These are terrific!

    1. Hello mate. It is lead belcher applied gradually with an airbrush, then Nuln oil, then drybrushed followed by a final set of highlights. It took a while but it was worth it.