Sunday 10 December 2017

Epic Space Marine 6mm Battle Report

So after a fairly long break of a couple of years I decided to finally get back into the 6mm scene with a long overdue game of Space Marine: Second edition (aka Epic).

To facilitate this my best mate and I broke out our vast armies and set about undertaking a full day of gaming that I have to admit was some of the best fun that I've had in ages. 

We decided to stick to the game's name and keep things suitably 'epic' by setting a massive point limit on the game of around 7000 points.

For my army I used a combined force of Dark Angels and Flesh Tearer Space Marines which included five full companies and no less than four Thunderhawk gunships.

My opponent selected a combined force of Blood Angels and Ultramarines formed of no less than seven companies supported by loads of ancillary detachments! With such big armies on the table a quick check of the victory conditions made it apparent that triumph would go to the first general to reach 65 Victory Points.

The battlefield chosen was an Imperial City that had sprung up on a desert world near the galactic rim. The STC hab blocks had been built around a newly constructed Ecclesiarchy Cathedral which dominated the North-East corner of the battlefield. This allowed us to have a fairly full battlefield which rewarded clever planning and good use of terrain. 

As battle commences two vast armoured formations roll into the city, as the wall of tanks on each side push forward multiple Rhino APCs break off and disgorge squads of Space Marines who disperse to capture nearby objectives.

At the end of the first turn the armies manage to both capture all the objectives within their starting sides of the table meaning a 30-30 draw in terms of Victiry Points.

As well as capturing the objectives the dismounted infantry quickly establish themselves in the taller buildings so that they can use their man portable heavy weapons to slow down enemy progress.

Recognising the desperate need to take control of the urban sprawl swiftly the Ultramarnes push forward Veterans, Scouts and Bikes to flood the area. Their dominance is swiftly challenged as the roar of turbine engines rock the battlefield, moments later four dropships burn out of the sky and deliver Flesh Tearer veterans directly into the melee and on to the roofs of nearby skyscrapers.

Meanwhile on the right flank a Flesh Tearer Predator company moves to rapidly intercept (and subsequently eliminate) a second, smaller Ultramarines push.

At the end of the second turn things had become suitably bloody and stands of troops were getting removed from the table by the handful. The score was now 42 to my opponent and 41 to me.

In turn three the ever-growing melee in the centre of the table thins out as the majority of combatants are slain in a brutal blood bath.

The brave charge of the Ultramarines on the right flank is short lived as scores of lascannon beams and autocannons shells shred the vehicles and Astartes to bloody unrecognisable pieces.

At the end of the third turn we realised we had now passed the 65 VP Victiry threshold and so the game was technically over (we were now six hours into the game at this point) and so we tallied up the scores. My opponent had secured 67 VPs whilst I took a narrow victory having accumulated 69VP.

Basically in my opinion this was a well-deserved draw with both of our forces having performed admirably in challenging circumstances. The game was great fun and I was reminded what an amazing rule set this version of Epic was, and I can confirm it has aged remarkably well over the years. Both of us immensely enjoyed the game and we have agreed to add Epic to our frequent gaming repertoire! In fact we've both already been on eBay to source sone new 6mm reinforcements!

I'm immensely looking forward to our next game!


  1. Bloody brilliant! Epic was the second game I played after WH40k - I'm holding out for the new version (hoping fervently that it lives up to its predecessor).

    1. Cheers mate! It was absolutely great fun! I have to say it's become my favourite game again. Just hit eBay for some reinforcements... as has my opponent

  2. Brilliant battle report!

    It's great to see Epic getting played on a suitably epic scale of battle!

    I wish I had the space to play this size of game but am having to make do with considerably smaller clashes for the time being!

    All the best!

    1. Cheers mate! It is much more fun when you can deploy half a chapter of space marines at a time. Next time I'm going to try to go for even bigger and throw in some Titans too!

  3. Man so jealous you got a good game in. I've gotten maybe 2 games of SM/TL rules Epic in 20 years.

  4. I live in Brazil, and didn't have anyone to play this game with until a couple of years ago, and now I'm back into it, although the cards that you are using have different points values compared to the ones that I have. I guess you must be using a different edition. If you are ever interested in watching any battles I have played, I have a you tube channel called "Kookigi", in which I analyse debates, and find out who wins them by playing table top battles alongside (all animated).