Thursday 6 February 2014

Tank Progress......

Well the land raider and the predator have been sprayed black and await their first coat of green paint. So this is how they look now.

Additionally I had a few more rogue trader marine models lying around who desperately needed painting and so I undercoated these bad boys at the same time. In addition to the tanks we now have an original land speeder; a techmarine (for tank repairing) and a librarian...

I shall update you as work progresses:


  1. Looking good in the neighborhood! So much old school awesome there, nearly brings a tear to my eye :')

  2. Thank you. I'm going to try and get some work on them done this weekend.

    If you'd seen the state of these venerable models when I got them from eBay there would definitely have been a tear in your eye...there certainly was in mine!!

    I only hope my salvage work can do them justice!!!!