Monday 3 February 2014

Marine Gunship!

It seems that my posts are like buses; you wait ages for one and then a load come along at once.

As yesterday's post was a gaming one it seems fitting that today's be a modelling one! 

As of 1500 hours GMT this afternoon I have finally completed a hobby project that I have been working on sporadically for the past few months; and it has been a beast (albeit a very rewarding one!)

I have recently become sick of watching my precious Crimson Fists either walking around the battlefield, or alternatively driving about in their clapped out old Rhinos and so came to the decision that these superhuman warriors needed something a little nippier to traverse the war zones of the dark millennium. 

Having served as a soldier in Afghanistan I am aware how useful dedicated air support is in conflict, and how troops that are airmobile have a degree of flexibility that makes them a real force multiplier. In light of this I decided that my noble Astartes needed the same facility to maximise their power and so I have crafted them a fine new Stormraven Gunship to use as their new chariot.

Yeah I know it's not strictly retro...but it's a bloody cool model and I am actually quite proud of my efforts on this....and hey it's my blog.        :-)

If you're really offended then feel free to squint your eyes and try to pretend its a variant of the "deodorant bottle" grav attack from the Rogue Trader rule book way back in 1987 (how times have changed!)

Anyway here it is...kitted out with missiles, more missiles and some las cannons.... To quote Private Hudson from ALIENS: "Express elevator to hell....going dooooooown"

On a retro-gaming note I am happy that I can slip this flyer into a game of Rogue Trader using the vehicle generation rules; however I also want to squeeze it into my games of 2nd Edition....does anyone have or know the whereabouts of a half-way decent datafax for this beast?

Cheers, see you next time!


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  1. There are new miniatures that are also cool! You made a fantastic work here.

    For 2nd edition, I suggest using the Eldar Falcon datafax and change the appropriate weapons.