Monday 10 February 2020

More Flesh Tearers Sternguard Veterans

So this week I’ve continued to build up my squad of Flesh Tearer Sternguard Veterans in order to bring them up to battle ready strength.
Again the main bulk of these miniatures came from the MK IV Horus Heresy Tactical Squad with a few additions from the Blood Angels Tactical Squad and some MK III bits.

The Crux Terminatus shoulder pads were sourced from the Sternguard and Vanguard boxes, whilst the combi-bolters are Forge World upgrades.

I am really enjoying working on these guys...I have a real passion for the older Marks of Armour! This probably stems from my love of the original 1990 White Dwarf article (later reprinted in the 40k Compilation) that outlined the development and evolution of Space Marine battleplate.

On reflection....I’m definitely going to work on expanding this unit up to a full ten man squad!!


  1. Once again they're flawless. I admire your perseverance (I also admire your skills, but that's for granted!)

    1. Cheers Suber!! Once I get in the swing of a project I tend to be far more productive!!

  2. Lovely work on the marines!

    I keep seeing all this awesome 40k stuff and finding myself tempted! Maybe I should pick up one of the smaller starter sets and see how I get on...

    How do you manage to get such a smooth finish on your marines too!

  3. Thanks mate!

    You definitely should! I’d recommend doing a Kill Team First... it’s small enough you can have five to ten models and still play games!! It keeps things interesting!!

    Lots of thin layers.... so many layers!