Sunday 2 February 2020

Flesh Tearers Sternguard Veterans

So I’ve decided to stick with bulking out my Flesh Tearers Army for the next few weeks as I want to bring the force up to a playable (and relatively competitive) size.
I’m forcing myself not to buy any more models until I have whittled down my outstanding tons of unpainted plastic! Therefore I assembled these models solely with what I had to hand.

As I had a load of MKIII and MKIV Space Marines from the Horus Heresy range (from yet another abandoned project) I mixed these archaic sets of battleplate up to represent a squad of Sternguard Veterans along with some resin Forgeworld combi-bolters that I bought years ago.

The shoulder pads with the Crux Terminatus crosses on were taken from the Vanguard/Sternguard boxes.

Overall I’m really happy with how these guys have turned out and I have plenty of spares left over to bulk them out to a full squad of veteran astartes!


  1. "Overall you are happy"? Well, sir, you should! I'd like to see family pics of your armies; I'd bet I'm not aware of the size of your Space Marine forces, used to see them little by little each post :)

    1. Thank you kindly!!! Well I will try and do something this year in order to get a picture of all my Space Marines together.... there’s lots of them!