Sunday 7 July 2019

Even More Kasrkin/ Inquisitorial Storm Troopers!

Having thoroughly enjoyed my work on the old school Storm Troopers (Kasrkin) last week I decided to paint another five this week in order to bring this up to a full sized ten man squad.
I opted for a second plasma gun in this unit as these weapons are just so potent in 8th Edition 40k and Kill Team... I’m definitely planning to use these guys in both games.

I absolutely loved painting these warriors... they are such crisp, beautiful models to paint. There’s something about the hefty weight and feel of metal models that I still love.

I now have three squads of these classic Storm Troopers, so I might have to do some HQ options soon in order to make this a legitimate battlefield detachment!


  1. Cannot but say the same I told the other day, I love these minis and I love the paintjob!

    1. Thanks mate. I wish they had kept these models or at least redesigned them in plastic rather than the new Scions!