Sunday 21 July 2019

Sons of Horus 30k Tactical Marines

Sometimes I stare sadly at my hobby desk and look at my piles of unfinished projects and think to myself... I really must complete them!

This happened to me this week as I stared at some Sons of Horus Mk III Infantry that I had initially started work on about five years ago. 

These guys are so old that they are in fact all resin Forge World originals as opposed to the newer GW plastics. I have to say I do love these models and I did enjoy working on them.

That being said... I have to admit that I’ve chosen a really labour intensive painting scheme (lots and lots of layers), which may have been what put me off finishing them for a while.

I’ve painted these warriors in a lighter ‘sea-green’ as per their picture in the original 2001 Index Astartes and their descriptions in the first trilogy of the Horus Heresy series of novels.

I’m really pleased with the effect that I have achieved and I’m greatly looking forward to getting them onto a 30k battlefield in the near future!

For the Warmaster (or maybe the Emperor!)


  1. These models are fantastic, you made such a great work on them :)