Sunday 26 May 2019

Necron Destroyer Lord

So with a full squad of Necron Destroyers floating around the battlefield I decided that the time had come for them to get some sort of equally mobile support from a dedicated character.

Therefore I constructed and painted up this nice new Necron Destroyer Lord to lead my horde of floating killer robots.

I applied both the same colours and techniques as I did for the normal Destroyers in order to provide some sort of continuity across the force.

With this guy supporting my Destroyers I envisage that they should become a lot more durable and considerably more effective on the tabletop. Characters aura abilities really do make a lot of difference in the current edition of 40k.

Once again I’m really happy with how this guy has turned out and I think as a formation my Destroyers look pretty impressive.

I’m really looking forward to deploying this guy in my next game and seeing how he fares against the warriors of the Imperium!!


  1. Your Necron force must be quite respectable right now! I like the way you are facing the whole project :)

    1. It’s definitely coming along nicely!! Cheers mate!