Sunday 10 March 2019

Sisters of Battle Celestians

More fighters for my impending recreation of the 1997 ‘Battle at Sanctuary 101’ have been painted this week. 

This time around we have a veteran sister superior and a celestian for my ever expanding Sisters of Battle Force.

I usually mark out my squad leaders, veteran sisters and celestians with gold (as opppsed to silver) weapon casings and shoulder insignia as this makes them stand out from the hordes of other power armoured nuns!

I gave this particular squad leader a power mace as these weapons add 2 to the bearer’s strength. This bonus is vital for sisters as it brings their paltry basic strength of 3 up to a far more respectable 5 in melee.

This model’s boltgun is relatively old school and comes with a grenade launcher mounted on the underside. For gaming purposes this represents a Condemnor Boltgun in my army.

Again I am pleased with how these girls have come out and I am also satisfied with the speed at which I’m painting up the two respective forces for this ‘historical’ refight (which I am really looking forward to!)


  1. Looking forward to see the batrep

  2. Cheers mate! I need to do a few more models then it should be good to go!!