Saturday 1 September 2018

Crimson Fists Primaris Hellblasters

Having been focussed on my Flesh Tearers over the last couple of months I decided that it was time for a change and so set about finishing off a squad of Primaris Hellblasters for my Crimson Fists.

As I have said previously I am a big fan of the assorted Primaris models that have been released by Games Workshop over the last 12 months. They are invariably gorgeous sculpts that are a real pleasure to paint; but also I like the fact that scale-wise they are an appropriate size for genetically enhanced super-soldiers and possess a lovely clean aesthetic.

I already have a squad of Hellblasters that I painted up at the end of last year and I have used these guys a lot in my games over the last nine months.

In fact it is fair to say that they have rapidly become one of my favourite units in the game; and invariably find their way into my army lists for both friendly and more competitive games.

The main weapon carried by Hellblaster Marines is the redoubtable plasma incinerator and it is a potent piece of kit that is able to dish out a lot of damage at 30 inches (and even more at half range). Sticking this unit near a Space Marine Captain means that any ‘Hit Rolls’ of 1 can be re-rolled; so you can supercharge the weapon system with much less risk of it exploding.

Also as Primaris Marines are blessed with two wounds each this means the unit is very durable and each model can take twice as much damage as their counterparts in regular devastator or tactical squads.

The models that I have used are the ‘Easy Build’ Miniatures from the Dark Imperium boxset. I absolutely love these sculpts; they are so easy to assemble and in my opinion look just as good as their multi-component counterparts when painted.
To differentiate them from my other squad I have given the unit’s sergeant a simple head swap and a few extra purity seals from my bitz box.

I am exceptionally pleased with how these guys have turned out and I am really looking forward to the horrified looks on my regular opponent’s face as I pull a second squad of Hellblasters from my carry case for our next battle.

Thanks to the fun I’ve had painting these guys I have really got the bug for Primaris models again and so I have already started applying the basecoat on yet another squad of these Uber Marines!


  1. From Flesh Tearers to Crimson Fists, you certainly master both red and blue. Spectacular as usual!

    1. Cheers Suber!! Well I like a bit of variety to keep thing fresh. Plus I like shooting things with my Crimson Fists and then smashing their faces in with my Flesh Tearers!!

  2. They are beauties for sure!