Sunday 1 April 2018

Crimson Fists Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant

After I finished last week’s Primaris Captain I decided to crack on with yet another character from the fabulous Dark Imperium box.

This time I chose to work on one of the Primaris Lieutenants; specifically the close combat orientated officer equipped with the power sword and bolt pistol.

Lieutenants are pretty useful in the new edition of the game as they are both potent characters in their own right but also allow nearby units of marines to re-roll failed ‘to wound’ rolls of 1. When this skill is coupled with a Captain’s ability to re-roll ‘to hit’ rolls of 1 this greatly drives up the amount of damage Adeptus Astartes units can dish out to the foe each turn.

I used the same painting methodology and colours that I used on my earlier Captain and once again I’m really pleased with the results. 

I repeated the green power sword effect as I really like the look of this type of blade and I want a consistent feel to my whole force. Again the blending was quite time intensive but I definitely think it was well worth it in the end!

I finally have a game of 40k scheduled tomorrow which will be the first proper fielding of my new Primaris models... so hopefully these guys will live up to their reputation on the battlefield! 

I’ll make sure that I let you know how it goes with a battle report next week!


  1. The minis are great, but your paintjob is outstanding. Marvellous!!

    1. Thanks Suber! I am really pleased with how this fella looks! Working on the other Lieutenant now!

  2. Like the rest, he's great. I especially love the sword!

    1. Thanks dude. Yeah the sword was emotional!!