Sunday 18 March 2018

Batch Painting Primaris Space Marines

This week I’ve been mainly preparing and basecoating a big batch of models for subsequent painting later on.

I have recently set myself a little hobby goal for 40k... I’m going to try and make a fully viable army of Primaris Space Marines for my pre-existing Crimson Fists force using predominantly the clip-together/easy-build models.

You have probably already seen the start that I have previously made on this project with the ten Intercessors and five Hellblasters I’ve painted.

Next up I have prepared a Primaris Captain; two Primaris Lieutenants; ten more Hellblasters and five Reivers. I have also assembled ten old style marines (for my Devastator squads), an old style Captain (from the Assault on Black Reach box that is now unbelievably 10 years old) and 2 old style Lieutenants.

The joy of having an airbrush is that once I had assembled these models I was able to undercoat and then basecoat the whole damned lot in a couple of hours. Something that would have taken me a lot longer by more traditional methods.

Now that I’ve got these miniatures all at the basecoated stage I think I will initially focus on painting up the Primaris Captain first!! 

I shall update you with how I’m getting on in the next post!


  1. Airbrushes make painting Marines so much easier! Looks like you're of to a good start. I just finished my open Crimson Fist Primaris Marine from the starter set. Pop Goes The Monkey on shapeways has a really good set of fist icons that are pre formed to fit the shoulder pads.

    1. Yeah it’s such a great time saver!

      Man I hate the transfers! They’re shape is a nightmare; I always have to trike them down.